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Important Information

Liability Release Form:

Every participant must sign a Liability Release Form prior to commencing rafting and some packages.

Passengers under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign on their behalf.

Medical Conditions:

Please note that some medical conditions, disabilities and impairments may exclude participants from rafting for safety reasons, e.g. pregnancy and serious vision impairments. Passengers should disclose any medical condition, disabilities and impairments at time of booking.

Pay on Board Levy:

Pay on board raft levy is a non commissionable component of our retail price which we require to be paid direct to Foaming Fury.

Prepare for your trip:

Travel Conditions:

The tour itinerary and timing is subject to change based on road and weather conditions on the day of travel.

Cancellation Policy:

50% refund within 48 hours of departure. NO refund within 24 hours of departure

Australian Whitewater Rafting Rapid Grading System

Grade 1:

Rapids are small to regular waves. The passage is clear and easy to recognise and negotiate. Care may be needed with obstacles like fallen trees and bridge piers.

Grade 2:

Rapids with regular medium sized waves (less than 1 m); low ledges or drops; easy eddies and gradual bends. The passage is easy to recognise and is generally unobstructed although there may be rocks in the main current, overhanging branches or log jams.

Grade 3:

Rapids with fairly high waves (1-2 m); broken water, stoppers and strong eddies; exposed rocks; small falls. The passage may be difficult to recognise from on the river and inspection from the bank may be required. Maneuvering to negotiate the rapids is required.

Grade 4:

Difficult rapids with high, powerful, irregular waves; broken and confused water; often boiling eddies; strong stoppers; ledges; drops and dangerous exposed rocks. The passage is often difficult to recognise and inspection from the bank is preferable. Precise and sequential maneuvering is required.

Grade 5:

Very difficult rapids with confused and broken water; large drops; violent and fast currents; abrupt turns; difficult powerful stoppers and fast boiling eddies; numerous obstacles in the main current. Detailed inspection from the bank is normally required and is strongly recommended for rapids not recently transited at the prevailing water level. Complex, precise and powerful sequential maneuvering is required. A buoyancy vest equipped swimmer risks injury and this is the extreme for commercial operations.

Grade 6:

All previous difficulties increased to the limit of practicability. Nearly impossible, very dangerous and cannot be attempted without a definite risk of life.

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Dear Valued Guest,

Cairns Adventure Group has been significantly affected by Cyclone Jasper and the subsequent flooding across the region. Due to current road closures and damage to Barron Gorge hydro station, we are unable to operate Barron River Rafting.

We are happy to announce Barron Rafting wil return in early July 2024. Please check out our availability for dates.